Pasithea Amulet

Pasithea Amulet

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on 14K Rose Gold Diamond Cut chain 16” w/ 18” extender   


✨ P A S I T H E A ✨ is the Greek goddess of rest and relaxation. She is the wife of Hypnos, the god of sleep and the mother of Morpheus, the god of dreams.

She holds a highly vibrational natural amethyst from Vera Cruz and a gorgeous cut lavender topaz sure to amplify your dreams and passions. 💗

14K Solid Gold

Vera Cruz Amethyst runs at a higher vibration than most other varieties. It has a strong spiritual focus. Used on the third eye, it activates the pineal gland – connecting you with your higher self, while also bringing balance. It is ideal for meditating on a high spiritual level and expanding your psychic development.

Topaz is a stone of nobility, love, passion, and purpose. Because of its fiery energy, this sun-filled gemstone is certainly associated with high self-esteem and good fortune. It is a gemstone that strengthens one's confidence and trust in one's inner power and abilities.