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Tigers Eye Pipe

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The Tiger’s Eye is widely known for being the “stone of the mind”.

This gemstone helps creative thinking outside of the box. Solutions to obstacles should come faster. It helps get clarity. It helps boost your self-esteem.  Having confidence in yourself and what you are trying to accomplish is extremely important for anyone, but even more so for the entrepreneur.

This stone will strengthen your belief in yourself. What other critical people say will not stop you perusing your dream.  What other negative people think will not get under your skin. It helps you understand why you need to do something. It helps you focus on the saying “If it is to be, it is up to me.”

It is a stone for people who like to work alone. The Tiger’s Eye is especially helpful for those who want to focus on attaining their goals.

This gemstone helps set creativity in motion. It boosts inspiration. This is practically helpful for the artist working on a painting. It will help the artist see exactly what he or she wishes to express through the artwork and get the project finished.

The Tiger’s Eye has the same effect on the writer. Many authors experience the well-known “writer’s block”. This stone may help getting past that barrier.  The flow of words should come easier with the gemstone close by.

Again this reflects back to one of the strongest qualities of the gemstone; to see all things more clearly.

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