Ruby Aura Unicorn Mountain Necklace - Magick Alchemy
Ruby Aura Unicorn Mountain Necklace - Magick Alchemy
Ruby Aura Unicorn Mountain Necklace - Magick Alchemy
Magick Alchemy

Ruby Aura Unicorn Mountain Necklace

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As most of you know, I have a fascination of unicorns!! I’ve had this vibrant ruby aura for very long now not knowing what to create with this shape! One day the idea came to me to create a fantasy scenario of a magick unicorn strutting her way up the crystal mountain towards the gorgeous galaxy planet to stargaze. This is one of a kind and meant to bring out your inner innocence and wonder. This piece comes on a 20" copper chain!

Ruby Aura is quartz that is treated by permanently bonding platinum or gold and platinum to the surface of quartz crystal in an alchemical mix of extreme heat and pressure.

Crystal healing and metaphysical lore of Ruby Aura is as follows. Ruby aura is a stone of passion and vitality. It is also very protective, especially so in times of upheaval and turmoil, and against aggression and violence. It is helpful for overcoming survival issues of all kinds and cleansing the base or root chakra.

This piece is carefully molded, then painted with an electric conductive paint. After it is placed in a electroforming bath (which takes anywhere from 12-24 hours) After the piece is fully formed to be sturdy and thick, it is filed to remove all sharp edges for ultimate comfort. Then it is highly polished to reveal a very shiny copper. Afterwards it is hand oxidized to dark the copper. It is then again hand polished this time with a steel wool brush to bring out the highlights and a beautiful shine. The last process is sealing the copper with a protective sealant which protects it from daily wear as well as sensitive skin!