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Zoom Opal Pendant
Zoom Opal Pendant
Zoom Opal Pendant

Opal Pendant

$560.00 USD

14K Solid Yellow Gold

0.20ct Natural Solid Australian Opal

Origin: Lightning Ridge Mine


Much of the world's precious opal is mined in the harsh outback of Australia, where a unique combination of geological conditions permitted the formation of opal near the margins of an ancient inland sea. Australia is regarded as the world's leading source of opal and of the world's finest opal.


What gives opal its colour?
Opal is made of tiny spheres of silica dioxide - spheres so tiny they can only be seen using an electron microscope.

In precious opal – the name given to opal with spectral colours, or 'play of colour' – the tiny spheres of silica dioxide are uniform in size and stacked in regular rows and layers. This configuration creates lattices that diffract white light into different colours of the spectrum. The tiniest spheres produce violet-coloured opal; the largest, red, with sphere size increasing from the violet to the red end of the spectrum.

The great majority of opal does not show play of colour and is called common opal or potch. Common opal is typically grey, black, white or amber-coloured, but is also found in other hues. Common opal does contain tiny balls of silica dioxide, but they are irregular in shape, size and/or arrangement. 

How does opal form?
Opal forms after water containing dissolved silica seeps into openings and cavities in rock or clay, then as the water slowly dries out, microscopic spheres of silica dioxide begin to form. The combination of pH and other chemical conditions required for opal formation is extremely specific and occurs only rarely in nature.


Please allow 4-6 weeks to craft your handmade jewelry. Email us at if you need a rush and we will do our best to accomodate you.

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Opal Pendant

$560.00 USD


Can I customize this design?

Yes, absolutely! Send us a message on Instagram so we can begin your virtual gem selection process! We will send you photos and videos of all the options available, and can work together on your custom gem layout until it's perfect!


Click here to submit an inquiry for a fully custom piece!

Where do you source your gems from?

Most of our gemstones are sourced during our annual shopping trip at the Tucson, Arizona shows (the largest gem convention in the US) Our shop directly from the miners and small business businesses that come from all over the world. This is usually the first week of February.

The others are sourced by need basis throughout the year from our close gemstone dealers locally in the Diamond District in NYC.

Where do you get your gold?

All Magick Alchemy designs are casted locally with a casting house we have worked with for over 7 years. We use them because 100% of their gold is from a refiner that recycles and processes old gold jewelry into new and clean alloys to be used again. We do not use newly mined gold as we don't see a reason to with so much recycled gold available. This is better for the planet and economy!

Where do you make your jewelry?

All Magick Alchemy jewelry is made locally in NYC by the designer and a freelance jeweler. We do not mass produce, therefore there is a limit of how much we produce weekly. Please be patient as we take the time with each and every piece, and do not want to rush this important process to ensure your jewelry is made well to last lifetimes.


Production Times

Most made to order jewelry takes 4-6 weeks for production otherwise noted. Many designs are made quicker. Send us an email if you have a deadline so we can best accomodate you.

Fast + Secure shipping

Once your piece of jewelry is made, we ship it out at the next shipping date we have, which is usually within a few business days. Ready to Ship jewelry goes out twice a week. Contact us about any specific shipping questions.

Discreet packaging is available upon request.

Order tracking

As soon as your order is ready for shipment, you will receive an email notifying you with a tracking number that you can keep an eye on and set alerts for! For signature delivery we will contact you to set a date that you are home and available to sign for your package. Don't hestiate to contact us with any delivery requests or questions.

Get in touch

You can always get in touch with us via email, chat box, or DM on social media. We will get back to you at our earliest convinience.

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