About Us

Hello lovelies! My name is Suzy, I’m a self taught jewelry artist from NYC. Being a full time fashion design student, I've always had a crave for creating but recently I found a new passion that’s stronger than anything I’ve ever felt!

2 years ago l I decided to check out a local gem expo! I've always had a love for crystals and their healing energies but that day really ignited that fire in me again. I love crystals so much, the healing aspects, the natural beauty in them, and how amazing they make me feel. As soon as I got home I started searching for crystal jewelry to purchase. I couldn’t find anything that really spoke to me so I started looking at some tutorials, and soon enough made myself some simple pieces by just wire wrapping and glueing things together.

Slowly friends and family started requesting I make pieces for them too, and honestly that made me feel so good to see their smiles! Fast forward to now and I’m really happy with how much I’ve progressed. I think I have because every single piece I make, I make with a lot of love and care to detail. Each piece is a piece of art to me, something that can’t be replicated or found anywhere else. As a designer and creator, my purpose is to bring joy and happiness to people’s faces. That’s what really brings me happiness in return. I’m inspired by everything around me.. from metaphysics to nature to the great people I have met because of Magick Alchemy, and I take great pleasure in showcasing that in my designs!

My shop's name reflects the process is how I make my pieces, a process I like to refer to as alchemy! First I prepare my pieces by sculpting with 2 part clay bonding them together with a super glue I mixed myself, I then seal the crystals to protect it from the electrolysis bath I put them in, the process called electroforming takes place, depositing copper onto the jewelry pieces from a solid copper anode. This can take anywhere from 12-24 hours! Afterwards I thoroughly clean the pieces, and begin filing down any sharp egdes, smoothing it out for comfortable wear. I polish it with my hand dremel to get rid of the dull layer. I then use a fast accelerant to oxidize the copper to give it a dark deep color! After the oxidation process is done, I go back in and both hand and machine polish the piece to bring out highlights. Lastly I seal the copper in a special wax to protect it from daily wear and prevent your skin from turning green! The whole process can take about a week, and each step of the process is given a lot of attention to detail by me!

Thank you for taking your time to learn a little bit about me! If you’d like to follow and see my latest and all future designs please give me a follow on Instagram or follow my FB page!



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Welcome! I strive to satisfy each and every order made here in my shop! Let me just start off by thanking you for shopping with Magick Alchemy. Every piece is a quality item made with lots of care to detail and love! Please take care of your pieces and they will take care of you! 


Payment & Processing

As soon as I receive the payment, I will get right on processing it so it could arrive to it's new home right away! Paying through Paypal is typically the quickest way to process! Some credit cards take a day or two.


Delivery Information

Standard delivery in the US is first class mail and comes with free tracking!, It should take anywhere from 3-5 business days to get delivered, sometimes longer! That is out of my control! Processing takes usually 1-4 days depending on the day of the week! I also offer upgraded express shipping for an additional cost. If it is a made to order item such as most rings I might need up until a week to create it! If you have any concerns or deadlines you are trying to meet please message or email me and we will work it out to ensure you get your item in time! Thank you!


Refund Policy

If you aren't satisfied with the item you received please send me a message so we could resolve this together! I do not offer refunds for items that were made to order including all rings. Buyer is responsible of knowing their ring size. I also don't offer refunds on crystals. If in the case a refund is granted, buyer is responsible for shipping the item back to me, in case of returns or exchanges. No refunds after 7 days of receiving item. Items that are damaged or lost in the delivery process are not the seller's responsibility. Buyer would need to file a claim with the post office. Every item shipped comes with a tracking number. Broken items are not exchangeable or refundable. Every piece is made in solid copper and should never break, unless dropped or hit really hard! (I have personally never ever broke anything even with dropping, nor have I ever heard of any of my customers doing so!) Take care of the piece and it will take care of you! Do not submerge the piece in water! Thank you!


I definitely am open to custom orders as well as wholesale orders! Message me for further inquiry! (:



Instagram: @Magick_Alchemy

Facebook: www.facebook.com/magickalchemy