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Hello goddess!

In the realm of enchantment and creativity, there is a story that I haven’t often shared with others. It’s the true reason for my passion, the one that fuels it all. 

My name is Susan Burde, but you can call me Suzy. I am the visionary behind Magick Alchemy and this year I’ve decided to share my story. Not just the biography of my education and favorite hobbies. But the story of what fuels my passion at the core. 

Born in Odessa, Ukraine, my family embarked on a transformative journey, seeking refuge in the United States and in March of 1996 we found solace on these shores. For us it was paradise. We didn’t have much but my mother and grandparents had managed to save some of their heirloom jewelry that had traveled across seas and survived through wars to remain with us. 

The strands of pearls that twirled through our fingers, and the gemstones that shimmered in the morning sun, held the memory of the generations of love within my family. This jewelry was so much more than jewelry, it was a vessel to hold the love of my family, something I would be able to pass down to my children someday too. 

From a young age, I was enthralled by these heirlooms, imagining they were treasures only found on pirate ships or Egyptian tombs. 

With each delicate piece I caressed, I could feel the stories whispered through time, the love that flowed through generations. It was within the radiant gazes of my grandmothers and mother that I discovered the profound significance of jewelry. It was more than just gold and gemstones; it was a vessel that carried the essence of family, a repository of emotions that transcended eras.

In my adolescence, life dealt a cruel blow and a heart-wrenching robbery stole away not just our possessions, but a piece of our luminous spirit. The sparkle dimmed, but from the depths of that darkness, I vowed to reclaim and reignite that glow. 

When the sadness passed, my soul was ignited with a passion that my own hands could create pieces that would dance through my fingertips but then illuminate the lives of others.

And so, my journey as a jewelry artisan began. At the tender age of 16, I embarked on my first foray into the world of adornment, crafting polymer clay jewelry and sculpting whimsical pendants. As I honed my skills, a flame ignited within me, urging me to explore new artistic territories. At 18, armed with a mere $100, I delved into wire-wrapping, purchasing crystals, wire, and pliers. Though my Etsy shop initially saw no sales, my loved ones were adorned with wire-wrapped necklaces—a testament to my unwavering dedication.

Time passed, and with it came growth and learning. In my late teens and early twenties, I embarked on a quest to expand my skill set. Curiosity led me to discover the art of electroforming—a fascinating alchemical process that involved transferring raw copper onto clay sculptures, resulting in lustrous creations. Whispers of my talent began to spread, and inquiries trickled in, inspiring me to breathe life into my dormant Etsy shop once more.

The universe works in mysterious ways, and soon I found myself immersed in the heart of the jewelry industry. Hired as a production manager in New York City, I became an instrumental figure, assisting independent designers in bringing their fine jewelry visions to life. Encounters with these incredible souls served as beacons of inspiration, igniting a desire within me to explore my own artistic expression. I even played a part in designing a jewelry line for the esteemed SAKS—a moment that further kindled my creative flame. 

In the quiet solitude of my home, I often found myself sketching designs, allowing my imagination to roam freely. It was during these moments of introspection that I realized my calling—to delve deeper into the craft. Determined to master the art of goldsmithing, I enrolled in evening classes at FIT, embarking on a transformative journey of discovery. CAD modeling, wax carving, metal-smithing, and stone setting became the tools through which I channeled my boundless ambition and my flowing creativity.

Armed with a jewelry bench and the necessary tools, I embarked on a path that demanded my unwavering commitment. In August 2018, I made the bold decision to run my jewelry business full-time. 

Fast forward to today and I am wrapped in the warmth of the joy I bring to others. From start to finish, I love taking you through the process of designing your dream ring, whether for an upcoming wedding, an milestone anniversary or an heirloom you are creating for yourself to love and to give to the generations ahead. 

You can click here to learn more about my process as you take the first step of the journey to owning your very own Magick Alchemy piece that will speak love through the generations! 

Love always,




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