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About Us

Hello goddess! My name is Suzy and I’ve been making jewelry on and off for almost a decade. 5 years ago l I decided to check out a local gem show! I've always had a love for crystals and their healing energies but that day really ignited a different fire in me. I came home with a box of rocks and the biggest smile on my face. The healing aspects, the natural beauty in them, and how amazing they made me feel were all contributions as to why I was so drawn to them. What started as cute pieces for friends and family turned into a fun way to fund myself to get through college.

After graduating with my Fashion Design degree I immediately knew my heart was in jewelry so I applied for any job I found a listing for. My second interview, and I landed an amazing opportunity, to manage production for many different independent jewelry designers here in NYC’s Diamond District. This shift to fine jewelry was exactly what I needed to give me the confidence to create my own fine jewelry line. I learned the process of how to create a collection, from development to the final polish and knew that was the next step for Magick Alchemy. I have an exciting world of knowledge and gratitude to pursue my designs and creations.

Each piece is a piece of me, something that can’t be replicated by anyone else, even myself sometimes! As a designer and creator, my purpose in life is to bring joy and happiness to people, to ignite a sense of wonder that may have gotten lost and bring you back to that magickal place in your mind. I get inspired by everything around me.. from nature to traveling to the great people I have met in my journey, and I take great pleasure in showcasing that in my designs!

Thank you for taking your time to learn a little bit about me! If you’d like to follow and see my latest and all future designs please give me a follow on Instagram @Magick_Alchemy or follow my FB page Magick Alchemy!!

Instagram: @Magick_Alchemy



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