Silver Opal Necklace
Silver Opal Necklace

Silver Opal Necklace

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I never really make silver pieces but I love how this one came out! Going to look super cute reflecting off the snowy weather this winter! ❄️

HUGE solid Australian opal, with colors of the entire rainbow!! 🌈

She is crazed but stable, once used to be a $3000+ opal but someone left her in the drawers for too many years... and she dried up. Opals are meant to be worn!!

I purchased her discounted because I knew I would find someone who would still love her with that crazy color payoff! Hence why the reasonable price, pm me! ✨🌙

(Crazing is when an opal starts drying out due to lack of moisture and forming crazes inside, does not reach surface but dramatically decreases value.)