Luna Wedding Set - Tanzanite
Luna Wedding Set - Tanzanite
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Luna Wedding Set - Tanzanite

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14K Yellow Gold - Tanzanite (exact set pictured)
Size 6.75 
The Luna Wedding Set
This original design was inspired by all things celestial such as Sailor Moon, the waning/waxing moon, and the night sky! The prongs holding the diamonds are designed to feature 5 prongs in shapes of stars. This pear shape is a custom cut proportion that is more fully shaped than the traditional pear cut. I find that this compliments the stacking look very well!
Made by hand in our NYC studio
  • Tanzanite - faceted Pear cut approximately 1ct
  • Solid 14 Yellow Gold (585)
  • .11cts of Natural VS1 White Diamonds
  • 1.2mm bands
  • Stackable
Tanzanite with its purplish-blue colors means enhancement of psychic abilities and powers. Tanzanite gem is an excellent stone for the novices who want to explore their spiritual and psychic capabilities. The naturally blue tanzanite stones are also very protective and allow your third eye chakra to open. These gemstones prevents psychic impressions from becoming too overwhelming.

When worn as a piece of jewelry, the tanzanite can stay within your auric field and bring your consciousness to a permanently higher state. Not only that, but it also brings positive self-awakening attributes to other people who see its beauty.

The popular legend regarding the tanzanite crystal states that it was a gift from the gods. This is because its discovery was associated with the Masai cattle herders who first saw the mesmerizing blue color stones after the brown zoisite stones on the ground were scorched in a bush fire that was caused by lightning.