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Happy Mothers Day - how my mother inspired me to launch Magick Alchemy


All you do - it matters.

Today and everyday, we celebrate you


Hey goddess,

Today, I want to share a personal story that many of you may not know about me. It's a tale of inspiration, gratitude, and the pursuit of dreams.

10 years ago, as I watched my mother nurture her own business, little did I know that it would ignite a spark within me. Starting as a small side hustle, her endeavors eventually blossomed into a thriving accounting firm. Witnessing her unwavering dedication and witnessing her success has always filled me with immense pride.

Our journey to where we are today hasn't been an easy one. We arrived in the United States as refugees from Ukraine in 1996, carrying nothing but a few months' rent and the unwavering support we had for each other. Grateful for the countless opportunities this land offered, we set out in search of the American dream.

From an early age, I admired my mother's strength, decisiveness, and unwavering confidence. She taught me that if I desired something, I needed to go after it relentlessly. Failure was never an option; perseverance was the key.

Growing up, I was always the creative child, finding solace in drawing and DIY projects. I aspired to be a designer, drawing inspiration from icons like Betsey Johnson and Iris Van Herpen. Following my passion, I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, embarking on a fashion career that was, regrettably, short-lived.

During my college years, I had been selling handmade costume jewelry on Etsy as a side hustle. It seemed natural to seek a jewelry design job given my natural passion for it and my experience. And after a stroke of incredible luck during my second interview, I found myself working in the jewelry industry. It was an experience that shaped my life profoundly, thanks to my exceptional boss and incredible co-workers.

Working in the jewelry industry taught me the importance of treating people with kindness, even in the face of challenges. It taught me the power of grace and problem-solving. The lessons I learned during those years continue to resonate with me and influence my approach to both business and life.

So here I am today, proudly running my own little jewelry business. It was inspired by the resilience and success of my mother, who showed me that with determination and hard work, dreams can become a reality. Each piece I create holds a piece of our family's magic, and I'm truly grateful to all of you who choose to invest in a little piece of our story.

Thank you for being a part of my journey, and I look forward to sharing more exciting updates and creations with you soon. Have a great weekend!!

With gratitude,

Susan Burde

Designer + the person behind Magick Alchemy

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