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We only use repurposed gold

At Magick Alchemy, we are proud to embrace a set of brand ethics that reflect our commitment to sustainability, responsible sourcing, and environmental consciousness. We believe in the transformative power of fine jewelry and its ability to inspire and empower. With that belief in mind, we have carefully crafted our ethical practices to ensure that every piece of jewelry we create embodies our values.

Fun Fact! Our designer Susan Burde was born on Earth Day (4/22) and has always found herself most at peace in nature.

One of the cornerstones of our brand ethics is our dedication to repurposed gold. We understand that gold mining can have significant environmental and social impacts, which is why we have chosen to work exclusively with recycled and refined gold. By using reclaimed gold, we are able to reduce the demand for newly mined gold, thereby minimizing the ecological footprint associated with the mining industry.

Our meticulous process begins by sourcing gold from various pre-existing sources, such as old jewelry, electronic waste, and industrial byproducts. This gold is then carefully refined, ensuring that it meets the highest quality standards while maintaining its integrity. By giving new life to these precious metals, we extend their lifespan and contribute to a circular economy that values resourcefulness and minimizes waste.

At Magick Alchemy, we go beyond merely repurposing gold; we aim to create meaningful pieces that reflect the unique alchemy of artistry and sustainability. Our talented artisans work tirelessly to design and handcraft each jewelry piece with exceptional skill and attention to detail. We prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring that every creation is a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship and sustainability.

By choosing Magick Alchemy, you can wear our jewelry with pride, knowing that you are making a conscious choice for a more sustainable future. Our commitment to using repurposed gold not only reduces our environmental impact but also supports responsible practices within the jewelry industry. We are proud to be a part of the growing movement towards ethical sourcing and production, and we invite you to join us on this journey.

Magick Alchemy believes that fine jewelry should be a reflection of beauty, elegance, and conscience. Together, let's adorn ourselves with ethically crafted jewelry and embrace the transformative power of sustainable luxury.

We source our gold from United Precious Metal Refining, Etc 

You can read and learn more about their process by clicking their link above or reviewing the catalogue below.

sustainable conflict-free repurposed gold jewelrysustainable conflict-free repurposed gold jewelry

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